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Cooperative Societies must stop black marketing of DAP: Selja

 Private vendors force farmers to buy pesticides or other unnecessary items along with fertilizers

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Mahendra india news, new delhi
 General Secretary, All India Congress Committee,  former Union Minister member of the Congress Working Committee and former President, Haryana Congress Committee Kumari Selja said that due to the lax functioning of the BJP-JJP coalition government, the black marketing of DAP is rampant. Not a single bag of DAP is available in the state's cooperative societies. If these societies are provided with fertilizers, then private vendors will not be able to engage in black marketing, nor will they be able to force farmers to buy pesticides and other products along with DAP bags,

In a statement released to the media, Kumari Selja said that it is due to collusion and corruption with private vendors of the coalition government that DAP is not being made available in the societies. There is no information available for farmers in the markets about the arrival of fertilizers. Consequently, they are compelled to buy this from private vendors. The sowing of mustard is currently underway in many areas of the state, while the process of preparing the fields for wheat is around the corner. During the sowing of Rabi crops, there is a great need for DAP fertilizer] which is now missing from the cooperative societies. The agricultural department is lying about the availability of DAP to cover up its shortcomings, while the truth is known to the farmers of the state. She said that the government knows that DAP fertilizer is needed every year, so why doesn't it ensure a strong distribution system for DAP? Why are the farmers being forced to suffer every year or compelled to buy fertilizers at high prices along with pesticides and other items from private vendors? This is all due to the collusion of the officials of the agricultural department, which needs to be investigated)

Kumari Selja said that when farmers go to private vendors to buy DAP, they are outrightly denied a single bag of DAP, along with this bag, an additional charge of 300-400 rupees is imposed and they are forcefully sold sulfur or other bags. In addition to this, farmers are also being coerced to purchase pesticides. Farmers are also being forced to purchase all these items out of compulsion

The former Union Minister said that complaints of this nature are continuously coming from various parts of the state( It is not that this is not known to the coalition government instead the government is silent on purpose. The reason why DAP is not available in societies and is only present with private vendors is that some people in the government are complicit so they can make a hefty profit by engaging in black marketing and distributing it among themselves. The farmer has now fully understood that this BJP-JJP coalition government is exploiting them, and the government is only pretending to work for the welfare of the farmers. The farmers of the state will settle scores with the government in the upcoming elections)